Swop Book Pressestimmen

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Einige Blogs und Zeitschriften haben letzte Woche über das Swop Book berichtet.

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detailverliebt comments:

“To be honest: At this moment I´m more afraid of a not-white sheet ... because I´m always afraid to destroy the cohesion or overall context of the entire notebook by my scratches. One wrecked line, one wrong letter in a wrong place – and I´m already fed up! Therefore I usually use the simplicity of loose, white sheets. But I will face the challenge because I especially like the approach. I will pack the book into my pocket and I´m excited when it will provide the latest flash of inspiration for the first time.”

Living at Home writes beneath the headline:

Swop Book, scribbles at the highest level: “My little self experiment with the “swopping” revealed: First one has inhibitions to scribble onto the picture. But eventually the beginning is set up and the ideas fly in! I write sayings onto the wall picture, the male arm gets some tattoos, I attach a speech bubble to a girl on a bridge and after that I draw an ice cream parlour at the end of the bridge. Maybe I draw a sun over her head just now...?!”

Also the Austrian advertising and media magazine Horizont recommends Swop Book to its readers in order to dissolve creative blocks and provide new and unusual ideas.
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